Join My elite empire as an owned sub

There is no "shortcut" to ownership...

There is no dollar amount that can be placed on a collar. You must have a connection to have a successful Domme / sub relationship. It is just like any other relationship. There is no single road map to becoming owned by Me, but if you would like a reference, here you go.

  1. READ over My website thoroughly, as well as any other information I have taken the time to provide for you. Refusing to do so is disrespectful.
  2. LEARN My rules, My boundaries, and My hard limits. These will be law to you.
  3. BUY SOMETHING! Whether it be some clips, a private show, or just a tribute, you MUST show that you respect My time and support My work. ALL of My owned subs started out as clients, find a way to stand out!
  4. BE CONSISTENT! You must prove yourself to be worthy of ownership on a regular basis. This means regular spending. I have no intention of wasting My time "owning" somebody who does not regularly support My ambitions.
  5. COMMUNICATE effectively. If you cannot communicate your wants and needs as a client, I will have no interest in owning you.
  6. BE PATIENT! Ownership doesn't happen in a day. There is no set time period for this, and I make ALL decisions on ownership. Enjoy the ride, have fun!
  7. GET YOUR APPLICATION. If you stand out from the rest, I will invite you to fill out an application to be under your official consideration of ownership trial.
  8. BE CONSISTENT! Continue to impress Me, and don't waver for even a moment. When you are under consideration, I am watching every move.
  9. SUCCESS! If you have proven to Me that you will be a valuable asset to My empire, I will offer you My hand of ownership.
  10. BE CONSISTENT! Just because you are now owned does not mean that you are now entitled to anything for free! Yes, you may find yourself lucky enough to have Me share some of My free time, but you will still tribute often.

See if we are a good fit, book a Skype Session!

One of the best ways to get to know one another is to book a Skype session. It doesn't have to be for a session right away, if you just want to chat to get to know each other that is perfectly fine by Me!

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So you want to be dominated by me?

Some of My Favorite Fetishes

  • Financial Domination
  • Sissification 
  • Virgin Humiliation
  • Small Penis Humiliation
  • Height Humiliation
  • Weight Humiliation
  • Mesmerizing
  • Tease and Denial
  • Edging
  • Chastity
  • Cum Eating Instructions
  • Coerced Bi
  • Cock and Ball Torture
  • Submissive Training
  • and more!

What I expect of Everyone

  • Honesty and good communication
  • Have proper manners. Always say "please" and "thank you."
  • NEVER tell Me how to improve My services unless I ask you.
  • This dynamic is supposed to be about what I want, not you. If you are only concerned with your wants and needs, and not respectful of Mine, I will put you off as disrespectful and you will be completely ignored.

What I Expect of My Long Term Active Subs

  • Tribute as often / as much as you can, sacrifice is important!
  • Spending time in my live chat rooms, tipping and keeping conversation flowing.
  • ONLY address Me as Miss, Goddess, or Ma'am at all times, and every time you address Me. 
  • Always check in when / if you say you are going to do so.
  • Not being needy, understand My time is money, if you NEED my attention, PAY for it! 

I am Selective...

Many people approach Me wanting to be "owned." I am generally annoyed or not impressed. Approach properly, and My reaction will be much different. Ownership is given after time, once your loyalty, consistency, communication, and willingness to sacrifice has been proven. You must be an asset to My life, or you will be released. Make Me WANT to own you through following the rules, tributing often, and make your servitude valuable or I WILL forget your name. However, purchasing clips and private sessions is always encouraged!

Rules for Being dominated by me

Respect My Time and My Boundaries!

While you may have established a form of relationship with Me, and I work often and from home, that DOES NOT mean you have 24/7 access directly to Me. 

I will absolutely do My best to reply as quickly as I can to owned and serving subbmissives (active paying clients), however I am human, and you are not the only client I have. 


If you send the same (or similar) message more than once, I will ignore it.  Unless of course it is sent via a "pay per text" platform.

Do not ask Me repeatedly if I am busy, or if I am OK. I may even post to social media and not respond to you immediately, because I am either working or enjoying My personal life. You are not a part of My personal life, and you WILL respect this boundary. You are not a part of My work life unless you are actively paying Me, understood?

If I do not respond to your message within 6 hours, you may politely ask if I saw the message, or message Me on another platform. There is a small chance I did not see your message, or typed out a message and never hit send (I am human).

There will be no begging for My attention. You will get the attention you both deserve and are paying for, WHEN I can do so. I make My schedule, not you. 

I take time to respond to ALL messages at least twice a day.


If you Want or Need to Talk More...

Yes, you may be under consideration for ownership, or even owned. You may be a client who has spent in the past. This does NOT mean you get fetish talk whenever we interact. You will ALWAYS be expected to pay for Me to engage in personalized fetish play.

IF I enjoy your servitude / company, I may reach out to talk more in My "free" time. BUT those who I talk to in My "free" time, have paid for services consistently in the past, and been nothing but selfless. Generally, those who I talk to in My "free" time, are those who are under consideration for ownership.

Be an adult, be realistic about what you spend in a week is REALLY going to get you from somebody who also works 30 hours a week behind the scenes on administrative work.

My time is very precious to Me, and therefore should be precious to you.

I WILL Enforce My Boundaries

Be prepared for Me to be firm on this. Do NOT act surprised if I message you back letting you know that you are going to have to buy a session if you want to continue the conversation you are trying to have. 

If you can not handle someone enforcing their own rules and boundaries, then maybe Female Domination / BDSM is not the best fit for you.

If You Go Above and Beyond...

The more that you go above and beyond for Me through your consistent servitude, and tributes, the more of My attention and time that you will get in return.

But you HAVE to stand out. Make Me WANT to talk to you. If I am looking forward to our sessions, you are going to be getting far more attention.

The way you get to this level is by following all of the above guidelines, as well as any other of My guidelines I provide for you. 

Be selfless! The more needy and selfish you are, the less you get.

3 Strikes Policy

If you break one of My Rules of Respect, or cross one of My boundaries 3 times, you will be dismissed and I will request that you no longer contact Me for services or sessions.


Want to get to know me?



Send the Message I will ALWAYS Reply to!

(310) 818 - 7792

*Only Pay for Texts you send*

*Only pay for the photos / videos you choose to accept*

This is an excellent way to get to know Me, as I will respond to every message I receive, usually fairly quickly.